I should probably introduce myself…

My name is Mike and I am proud to call myself the man behind Simplify. In case you were wondering, I don’t have a “DJ Name” so you’re safe. I’m cool - but not that cool - so you can just call me Mike.

Simplify is proud to be a referral based company so you’ve probably already experienced (or at least heard about) some of what there is to offer. That said, I won’t bore you with a cheesy “DJ intro video”, staged “testimonial interviews” from past clients or a myriad of photos featuring close ups of my gear or crowds of drunk people with their hands up dancing around with neckties wrapped around their heads.

I don’t advertise, attend bridal fairs or buy lists of leads to contact. My social media accounts and website are simple. I don’t care about SEO, click through rates or fans on my pages. I’m proud of what I do and not a high-pressure salesman. Truth is, I sell shows AT shows…so you always get my best - and to me - that’s all that matters. Maybe I’m just old-school, maybe I’m on on to something. Either way, I keep booking shows so I must be doing something right. I always tell prospective clients if you don’t remember the service Simplify provided (several years after your event), I didn’t do my job well enough.

When I’m not in front of a crowd I’m spending time with my wonderful wife and amazing kids or taking care of the great clients who follow the referrals that send them my way. There is a reason you have gotten this far, and I respect that, so let’s get to it..CLICK HERE check out what Simplify has to offer.