1. Complete the Event Information Request Form (to check availability and describe desired services).

  2. Simplify receives the request, checks availability and follows up based on what is requested.

  3. If the date is open, Simplify temporarily reserves the date and sends an Estimate/Quote (if requested).

  4. Client receives and reviews the Estimate/Quote and one of 3 things happen…

    • Client clicks on “Accept” and Simplify converts it to an Invoice/Contract

    • Q & A - Something not make sense? Let Simplify know!

    • Revisions can be requested -(as needed)- until both parties agree to the terms.

  5. Client accepts Estimate/Quote (click on “Accept” button to indicate your agreement of terms).

  6. Simplify converts Estimate/Quote to an Invoice/Contract and sends back to client.

  7. If applicable, client pays deposit/down payment to officially reserve a date on the Simplify calendar.*

  8. Planning Meeting takes place (if necessary).**

  9. EVENT DAY! Simplify sets up before your guests arrive and it’s SHOW TIME!

The fine print…

*A non-refundable deposit/down payment is due on ALL wedding packages before the date is officially reserved.

**Wedding Packages: If you book a Wedding Package you will receive the Simplify Wedding Reception Planning Guide and an invitation to meet up approximately 4-6 weeks before your big day. Face-to-Face is the preferred meeting style and we’ll get together over coffee or drinks. If distance does not allow us to get together a virtual meeting will take place over the phone. In this meeting all of the necessary details will be discussed! We will figure out everything from the moment you arrive until the end of the night and you will be able to show up like an invited guest while Simplify makes sure your reception flows from start to finish.

All other shows: A meeting isn’t always necessary. Simplify will connect with you at whatever level is needed. Sometimes a quick call or email exchange will provide enough information. Other times, a planning meeting is necessary. No matter what, you are always welcome to reach out with information, questions or concerns before your event takes place.