If you've never planned a wedding, or you’re trying to pull off a big event, you may have some great ideas - but still need some help. That is exactly where Simplify meets you! Let's be clear - Simplify is NOT an event planning service, however, event planning IS a very large part of the services offered.


DJ/Emcee, ceremony officiating, audio, visual, music and lighting services are all available. Since 2006 Simplify has provided premium entertainment services and can help ease the planning process and manage the overall pace, flow, and moment-to-moment details at your next event. THAT is what sets Simplify apart from the others.

Bottom line is, the service Simplify provides is:

  • professional, not pretentious

  • classy, not like “that one guy” you’ve seen before

  • unforgettable, in a good way - I promise


The details will be in order and high quality equipment will be used. That means you don’t need to worry and everything will look and sound great at your event! Period.

Sound like what you’re looking for? Me too - let me know what date you are looking at and I’ll check it for you!