Project Management Systems

A simple project management system can be built to organize the overwhelming things you have going on in life.

Simplify helps you set up a beautifully organized system in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the online Project Management Assessment
  2. Meet Up
  3. Follow Up

The system is a simple physical or digital space where you post and track several "tickets" with information about the projects and tasks you need to complete. (It's kind of like a perfect collection of very sophisticated post-it notes). Overwhelming projects, tasks, details, and information that weigh on your mind or reside in multiple places can finally be organized, documented, and tracked in a safe place. It's time to get things OUT of your head and IN to a trusted system. Everything is visualized, accounted for, and can be assigned deadlines, put on hold, or placed in the "DONE" column when you complete it!

Personal and professional projects are usually pretty specific, however, below are a few examples of "other" things in life - such as transitions or lengthly processes - you might currently be trying to navigate. Some of the things you, your family, friends, team, club, group, or organization may want to SIMPLIFY include:

  • planning a wedding
  • tracking different parts of a collaborative project being completed by a team or department
  • hosting a big party or having guests for holidays
  • holiday shopping
  • visualizing client projects and proposals
  • putting together a reunion
  • organizing plans for a vacation
  • managing a team, club, organization, or group of volunteers
  • overseeing a complex fundraising event
  • preparing for a new baby
  • buying or selling a house
  • attending or putting on a large conference
  • tracking prospective client interactions, conversations, and sales conversions
  • leaving a job or starting a new one
  • ...and much, much more - these systems are completely customizable

To start getting things organized, please click on the Project Management Assessment button below and complete the brief online assessment. Once your results are received, Simplify will take a look, give you a quick call to go over any questions, and schedule a meeting to finish setting up and finalizing your very own customized Project Management System. You are almost one step closer to SIMPLER life!